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Welcome to the official website for NeonHeights Servers

We mainly run Canadian servers but have expanded into places like New York and Chicago. We're also looking for new ideas and plugins to add to the servers, so if you stumble across any good ones let us know! Here you'll find all you need to know about donations, server bans, server statistics and server information. If you haven't already seen it, check out & join our group on Steam by clicking Here. If you have any questions, comments or concerns you can leave a comment on our group page or start a topic in the discussion. If you're trying to add NeonHeights, you can Click Here.

We have a group of moderators and admins that are here to help you if you run across any problems on the servers. You can add any one of them in our Staff Group if you need any help. If someone is saying they are an admin on my servers, and they are not in that group, they are impersonating an admin and should not be trusted. Be aware that not all admins in that group are active or come on the servers very much any more. If you need immediate help, try posting on our group page or joining a server to see if there are any staff online.

A Server History Lesson...

As for the history of the servers, we started back in late 2011 when a favourite trade server of mine was shut down because the owner could no longer pay for it. It was more then just a trade server to me, it was a place where all of us would go to hang out and have fun. I began researching how to set-up and run servers, and soon rented one of my own. We started off by running trade_plaza and minecraft_plaza, which were fairly liked maps at the time. After a few months my server became quite popular and there was constantly people playing on it. I started learning how to use Hammer World editor, and after a few hundred hours of practise I knew the program like the back of my hand. I began experimenting with making large achievement and trade maps, I would add secrets and easter eggs into the maps for players to find as they played. After several months of work, I fully completed my first map "trade_ironreign_gamcenter" which attracted even more players to the server.

As the servers got more and more popular, I looked into expanding and purchased an additional server to handle the amount of traffic we were getting on a daily basis. Eventually I could no longer handle paying for the two servers on my own so I set up a donation program hoping our regulars would help keep the server alive. Within the first week of the program being up, we had raised enough money to cover the next month. It was such a huge success that I continued the program and set up a full list of donator perks that anyone who donates over ten dollars would have access too.

The final update I had made to GameCenter added so much that the map didn't function correctly and lagged like crazy. I abandoned GameCenter and went back to Hammer to work on new ideas for maps. I got the idea to make a Minecraft themed map because they seemed very easy to make, and due to their blockiness they don't cause much lag. I spent a few hours designing a small minecraft-themed map and didn't think it would become nearly as popular as it did, I named it "trade_minecraft_neon". As soon as I uploaded it, I got lots of positive comments and was told that I should continue it and upgrade it. Over the next few months I slowly added parts to the map to make it better. With every update I released, the servers got a little more popular and I eventually bought a third server to keep up with the traffic. With all three servers constantly full, I then bought several more and here we are today.

Current map version: v140 Winter Edition

The map automatically downloads when you connect to the servers so there is no need to download this map if you already have it. Please only download the map if you are having issues with the server download and cannot connect to the servers. The map file must be placed directly into your TF2 maps folder for it to work properly.