Minor Staff Promotion

Posted on March 25, 2016 by Roudydogg1©

Hey guys, Roudy here. Time for another minor staff update. These 3 individuals used to be moderators on our servers and had to step down for their own reasons, and they have been showing a serious interest in joining our team again, and have done MUCH more than their share to manage these servers, and it's time they got another chance at recognition.

We will only be re-promoting these people and will not be adding in any new staff.

Say hello to our moderators who have joined us once again,




These 3 are doing more than their fair share, and i'm proud to promote them once again.
Please, if you ever see these three on the servers, thank them for their constant help and vigilance on the servers!

We also say goodbye today to a few of our inactive staff members,

LostAlot and Festive Tits of Kiev.


Server-Wide Discord Chat

Posted on March 12, 2016 by NeonHeights

'Afternoon everybody

A few weeks back a bunch of our staff got together to create an online chatroom of sorts for players on our servers. The chatroom is hosted through an app called Discord. You can simply join the chat, assign a name to yourself and speak with people from all across our server group! There are almost ALWAYS staff members in this chat so its a great way to get ahold of an admin or moderator if you need one quickly. Its also a great way to get known on the servers if youre looking to become a moderator in the future.

We're getting this chat off the ground now so follow the link below and join the conversation! We would love to hear from you. Im in the chat now :)


New Game Server UP NOW!

Posted on February 9, 2016 by NeonHeights

For those of you that have been with us for a while, and have participated in our weekly Game Nights, you would hopefully remember that the game server used to run more than just TF2-Ware on it. We used to have a server that could switch freely between multiple game modes by using the voting command "rtv" in chat. Unfortunately, due to an update released by Valve, a lot of these game modes broke around the same time and I ran into a lot of issues after that with the game server.

Ive now created an all-new game server in hopes of bringing back the massive, fun crowds we had during the old game nights! This new server features modes such as: Prop Hunt, Rocket Dodge-Ball, Vs Saxton Hale, Death Run, TF2 Smash Bros and more!

At any point you can type "rtv" in chat to start a vote to change the game mode or map. The server is up RIGHT NOW and is in beta testing for the next few days to ensure it works properly. I will be uploading even more new game modes and maps as the days go by.

Come join me right now on the brand new game server for some fun! And let me know what you think of it when you get a chance to test it over the next few days.

NOTE: The new game server is on a different IP Address then the TF2-Ware server. Please add the new server listed below or join through the !hop menu in-game. (You can also join by clicking the server IP on our website, www.neonheightsservers.com)

MOTD Advertisement Update

Posted on February 2, 2016 by NeonHeights

Hey guys, I've got some news regarding the MOTD that is displayed upon joining our servers.

Over the next few days, I'll be testing out an advertisement plugin on both Idle servers as well as the donator server. This advertisement plugin will display short, skippable ads to the player where our website home page used to be. The goal of this plugin is to generate additional revenue on top of what our donation program currently makes, in-order to buy custom plugins for our game server as well as updates to our website and credit bots on our servers. This plugin will NOT change anything else on the servers aside from a simple ad being displayed when you first join. You will be able to skip the ad if you so choose. If the plugin generates enough revenue in the testing phase to make it worthwhile for us to keep it, I'll be adding it to the other servers as well.


Some things to note:

1. We will never force you to watch an ad like other servers that run advertisement programs

2. The ads can be skipped as soon as you join the server

3. Revenue generated from advertisements will help us expand and improve our servers even more, leading to better speed, less lag, and more fun game modes and store additions for you all to use

4. Ads will only be added to the other servers if I believe what we generate from the ad company is fair

5. This is only a testing phase and nothing is permanent right now

6. Watching an advertisement from start to end instead of skipping it will actually generate more revenue for the servers and help us in the long run!

7. The plugin will only be active on the donator server and idle servers during the testing phase

8. Donators and staff will be immune to advertisements and will not see any when connecting to the servers


If you have any questions regarding this update you can always shoot me a message!

PS - The plugin seems to be mildly buggy right now due to a steam update (It appears to be this way on every server that runs it on TF2). We're waiting for an update from Valve so it may not appear to be working perfectly until its fixed.

UPDATE - Advertisements added to all servers as of Tuesday Feb 3rd

Server Upgrade

Posted on January 23, 2016 by NeonHeights

Hey guys, as I am posting this announcement our servers are currently being shut down and upgraded. We've had reports of lag over the last little while, partly due to buggy taunts such as Mannrobics on valve's end, but also partly due to the amount of players we've had recently and the increase in traffic.

In order to serve you all better and provide lag-free, enjoyable gaming environments for you all, ive triggered this upgrade which should hopefully be done in the next half hour or so (maybe sooner).

Hopefully once the upgrade is complete you will notice much faster and better performing game servers.

See you on the flip side!

- NeonHeights

Minecraft v177 Map Update

Posted on January 23, 2016 by NeonHeights

Hey guys! We're pumping out the map updates this week. Today im releasing another small update to the minecraft map, as always the change-log can be found below. The map will be uploaded to main hub first and will follow on the other servers shortly after

v177 Change-Log


- Expanded donator statue room to allow it to fit more statues and serve as a rocket jumping practise area
- Added several donator statues
- Added nether maze
- Changed around teleports for nether portal room
- Removed falling platforms due to entity limit being reached
- Greatly optimized map

Idle Server v5 Map Update

Posted on January 22, 2016 by NeonHeights

Hey guys! Thanks to some great map additions from our Admin Bio Benny, I'm finally ready to release the next version of our idle server map! I think you'll all love the new additions, check it out for yourself on idle server one and two! The IPs for the servers as well as the update change log can be found below. And as always, you can also connect to the servers by typing !hop in-game and joining through the in-game menu

Achievement_Idle_Neon_v5 Change-Log


- Added safe viewing area for idlers awaiting death
- Changed parts of the layout of the main area
- Added new under-passage in the lava death area
- Added bridge over the pit in the main area
- Added lights to idle tunnel and detailed it further
- Added additional health and ammo packs to map

Idle Server #1:
Idle Server #2:

Rules for credit selling

Posted on January 18, 2016 by NeonHeights

I've noticed theres been an issue on the servers lately with players attempting to sell NHS server credits to one-another, and staff having to get involved. Im going to be adding a new rule onto the website stating that this is not allowed in the next few minutes. Credits classify as a 'non-steam trade' which we have dis-allowed on the servers since we first began many years ago. The transfer system for credits is simply not safe enough and users can be scammed very easily for them. We're looking out for you guys by implementing this rule, we're not trying to ruin your fun.

Many of you were unclear about this so I thought I would bring it up. May I remind you that the idle servers given (2x) the amount of credits that the trade servers give. So if you want to load up on credits quick, go idle on one of our two idle servers for a few hours and you'll quickly rack up the credits!

Once again, please do not trade credits on the servers. Leave those as well as no-steam related trades to the staff. Thank you!

Christmas Map Update

Posted on December 17, 2015 by NeonHeights

Hey folks, its that time of year again. Ive released our seasonal update to the trade_minecraft_neon map in time for Christmas. The update features a lot of different small changes to how the map appears, go check it out if you get a chance!

The map will be placed on the other servers in the next few hours, for now its only on Main Hub.

Please be patient as the Tough Break update today is causing server crashing on several servers. Ill have a fix out in the next few minutes

Staff Update

Posted on December 4, 2015 by NeonHeights

Let me start off by saying congratulations to the people who were promoted. We focused mainly on activity/playtime on the servers, as well as who they knew in our staff team and their reputation on the servers. If you were not selected for a staff position this time, dont worry! Keep your applications coming and try again the next time around. Just remember that knowing our staff and being active on the servers is critical!

This staff update adds 9 brand new moderators, as well as seeing 2 of our old moderators promoted to admins! We have also unfortunately demoted 5 of our staff due to inactivity. As always, their staff position is here for them to claim yet again if they choose to come back to the servers and be active again!

Im including the list of promotions below, please be sure to congratulate these people if you see them around the servers :) Theyre all kind and reasonable people and I believe they will make amazing staff!

Moderator Promotions

Carol Sagan





Dutch Pancakes


Weather, Reporter of Snowstorms

Homosexual Trapezoids

Admin Promotions



Inactive Staff