New Idle Server!

Posted on August 17, 2015 by NeonHeights

Hey guys, I've just set up another brand new achievement/idle server!

I was incredibly impressed with how fast the first idle server we set up a few weeks back did. The map I made and released onto it was a huge success and the server now has established its own group of regulars similar to main hub and server 6.

Due to the demand that server 8 (The idle server) is currently experiencing, ive set up another one running the same map (achievement_idle_neon). Expect to see this map updated in the future! Our staff member Bio Benny is helping me out with the coming update, its gonna be even better then it is now.

To get players on the new server, ive made it so that you earn DOUBLE the amount of credits on this new server for the next 2 weeks!

You heard me right, playing or idling on this server will give you twice the amount of server-credits youre used to getting. Thats 10 credits every 5 minutes. The IP is below and it will be availible in the server hop menu in an hour or so. For now, add it to your favourites!

v169 Critical Map Update

Posted on August 8, 2015 by NeonHeights

Hey guys, I released a map update earlier this evening. Nothing was really added except a couple of donator statues but the update HAD to be released today because someone discovered a glitch that allowed multiple doomsday switches to be activated from spawn. We had an issue earlier today where this person was activating them over and over and causing a lot of lag and issues on the servers. The update was released as soon as possible to stop this glitch from happening and to prevent others from finding out about it.

A larger update will be along within the coming weeks, thanks for your patience

- NenonHighlights

Staff Update

Posted on July 11, 2015 by NeonHeights

Let me start off by saying congratulations to the people who were promoted. We focused mainly on activity/playtime on the servers, as well as who they knew in our staff team and their reputation on the servers. If you were not selected for a staff position this time, dont worry! Keep your applications coming and try again the next time around. Just remember that knowing our staff and being active on the servers is critical!

This staff update adds 7 brand new moderators, as well as seeing 3 of our old moderators promoted to admins! We have also unfortunately demoted 3 of our staff due to inactivity. As always, their staff position is here for them to claim yet again if they choose to come back to the servers and be active again!

Im including the list of promotions below, please be sure to congratulate these people if you see them around the servers :) Theyre all kind and reasonable people and I believe they will make amazing staff!

Moderator Promotions


Festive Tits Of Kiev





Hot Smelly Fart

Admin Promotions




Inactive Staff




Staff Update Approaching

Posted on July 10, 2015 by NeonHeights

Hey guys,

I'll be getting together with a number of our server staff tonight to discuss promoting new players and donators to staff positions (as well as demoting old staff of ours that no longer play TF2).

The last 'staff update' we had was several months ago, and I feel its once again time to promote a new group of enthusiastic players. I'm extremely happy with the last group we promoted and I hope this round goes just as well!

I highly suggest if you're interested in a staff position, that you apply to the 'Moderator Application' topic in the discussion section. There will be a link at the bottom of this announcement. Remember that we WILL be checking your time played on the servers and steamrep status. Your server activity plays a huge part in your application (having a mic as well as being an overall good/patient person plays a big role as well).

If you already made an application, it may be a good idea to go back and edit it to include anything new you may want to add in. You must have a member of our staff who is willing to vouch for you though (IE say you're a good, likeable person and not a troll). Please do not create a new application if you already have one, go back and edit the original one you made.

Stay tuned for the official staff update announcement tomorrow with all the details

Mod Applications:

v165 Map Update Released

Posted on June 6, 2015 by NeonHeights

If you've visited the main hub in the last day or two you would of had a chance to beta test a small update I put together. I'm now releasing this update onto the rest of the servers. Not a lot was added but there's a couple of cool little features none the less. The change log is below as always. Expect another update within the next month for the 'summer' version of the map.

v165 Change-Log
+ Added diving boards to the pool area
+ Added the 'TNT Cannon' in the upper pool area that launches you to certain areas when activated
+ Added a new doomsday timer that appears on the giant creeper after a doomsday has been activated. It updates every minute to show you how long until the doomsday switches are re-enabled
+ Expanded fast track to go all the way around the map without stopping at any point
+ Fixed glitch causing the bumper madness doomsday switch to appear before any other doomsday switch
+ Fixed issue with certain map-toggled console commands not working properly due to the recent "sv_allow_point_servercommand" update from valve

Trade_Neon out on steam workshop!

Posted on June 2, 2015 by NeonHeights

With the release of the new Beta Map workshop, ive released the trade_minecraft_neon map onto the steam workshop :)

You can follow my account there for future updates and other juicy map releases by myself

Server Store Upgrade

Posted on May 29, 2015 by NeonHeights

So as I mentioned in an earlier announcement, I'm making a few changes to the store plugin. These changes should be in affect by the time I post this announcement. I didn't get a chance to making 'skins' an option yet because I realised that the plugin involved is extremely buggy and I'm going to have to look into it further and find a work around. For now I've added a couple 'purchasable' commands to the store such as: Receive Saxxy, Giant Head, Glowing Trail, Glowing outline etc... With plenty more to be added in the future. You can check them out by typing !shop in chat. These items are temporary and will be removed when you leave/disconnect from the server.

I've also increased the price of permanent trails. I found they were way too cheap and easy to buy, with players only needing to spend a few hours in the server to buy one. I want these trails to be a unique thing that only the regulars have, not something that everybody in the server has. Because I raised the price of them, I have also increased the amount of credits that drop. Now, every 5 minutes you will receive 5 credits. That's one credit per minute. You will find your credit count will go up a lot faster than it did before with the 'random amount' drop. I'm going to see how the trails do at the current price and maybe lower/raise the price further in the future..

I've also restricted the use of the /store command to group members only. Which means if you're reading this, you don't have to worry. This only applies to people that aren't a member of our steam group, they will have to join this group to buy anything in the in-game store. I've modified our advertisements to include this, but if you see anybody in the servers asking why they can't use !store anymore, tell them it's because they need to join the group to get access.

Lastly, I've removed access of the BeTheRobot and Evil Glow commands for steam group members and added them to the store instead. We've had a sudden decrease in the amount of donations we've been getting ever since I gave group members access to these commands and I don't know why. We rely on donations to keep our servers operating so I'm trying to revert any changes I made that may be causing players to not want to donate anymore. Sorry if this change effected you in a negative way, I'm just trying to think of the effect this will have on the servers long-term.

CS:GO Trade Server

Posted on May 24, 2015 by NeonHeights

Hey guys! Ive got a bit of news..

I spent an hour re-making trade_plaza so that it works properly for cs:go. It turned out alright and ive now put the map up on our CS:GO server.

CS:GO isnt really set up for trading like tf2 is so I had to make a couple modifications to the way the server runs. Come check it out let me know what you think! Right now there are very few plugins on the server, I may add more in the future.

IP is

Im on right now

EDIT: Had the server up for a few hours and got some good input on what to change, im taking it down for the time being while I make the nesassary modifications. Thanks for your support!

New Idle Server!

Posted on May 22, 2015 by NeonHeights

So I spent a few hours yesterday creating a new idle/achievement map for server 8. I've uploaded it and made the necessary changes and I'm happy to say we now have a brand new idle/achievement server! I've made a couple modifications to the way the server operates as well. First off, the server will never restart unless a tf2 update is released unlike our other servers which restart daily. I've also removed HLStats from the server so that players can idle/mess around without being concerned about their death count/stats being messed up.

This server is a great place to idle for weapon drops, level up stranges, and idle for credits to use in our server store! The store plugin on this server operates just like the other servers and distributes a random number of credits between one and five every 5 minutes to the player. If you leave your player in this server for a few hours or overnight, you will return to a LOT of extra credits!

That being said, I'm going to be adding some new things to the store in the coming days. Ill most likely be adding custom models/skins and maybe a couple other things if I can get them working properly. I will also most likely be making changes to the amount of credits/frequency of credit drops, because I see there are people with thousands and thousands of credits and its devaluing them and showing me they are too easy to get. So now's your chance to stock up on credits before I make these changes!

Let me know what you think of the new map as well. I made it in a few hours so don't expect anything incredible, but I do think it turned out nice. I intend to add to it in the future, so stay tuned for more updates as well!

Server IP is:

As always, the server IP can be found on our website at: or by joining through the !hop menu in-game.

v160 Map Update Released

Posted on May 14, 2015 by NeonHeights

After doing some testing earlier this morning to confirm everything is working properly, I'm finally ready to release update v160. The update mainly features improvements, fixes and changes to the doomsday switches so don't be expecting any huge physical update like the last one I released. I'm happy to say that I think the Halloween Doomsday has been greatly improved with the wheel of misfortune. Its slightly buggy and a few of the modes on the wheel don't work, but for the most part it functions correctly.

I also went ahead and added that "spawn-to-surface" staircase I mentioned in a previous announcement, but in order to make everybody happy I made it so that the staircase is only accessible during select doomsdays. You'll see what I mean when you play the map. I also made improvements to the music quality on the party mode doomsday, the songs are now much crisper and clearer! On top of that I added a few new songs for the present easter egg & party mode so keep an eye out for the new ones. The change-log for v159 is featured below.

v160 Change-Log
+ Extended spawns into a secret hallway that leads to the surface
+ Extended Ghosts n' Stuff rare Party-Mode drop from 1:45 to 2:30
+ Extended the overall height of the skybox, allowing for higher sticky & rocket jumps
+ Added Spawn-To-Surface staircase appearing during Toxic Waste, Infection, and Halloween Doomsday
+ Added 'Crit-Bolts' which grant 8 seconds of crits and respawn every 5 minutes
+ Added 3 new songs to Party-Mode, 1 rare and 2 normal
+ Added additional effects on Party-Mode songs
+ Added the 'Wheel Of Misfortune' to the Halloween Doomsday to make it more interactive
+ Changed color of fog and extended it to be more realistic in Infection Doomsday
+ Changed all Party-Mode songs to a higher quality, lower file size sound file-type
+ Fixed blocking doors not appearing during Halloween & Toxic Waste doomsday
+ Reduced overall map file size by 10mb via optimization!
- Removed Merasmus from Boss Spawn doomsday due to issues with frame lag and server crashes